Online Hatha Yoga

Online Hatha Yoga

About Online Hatha Yoga

Hatha online yoga Bali is now available on Zoom! The practice of understanding the way of physical bodyworks through specific movements of asana. This hatha yoga online can be followed all level. While taken place in online yoga Sanur with the ambience of green and tranquil ambience.

Yoga online Bali can be viewed all over the world, listing to the Bali breeze through unlimited screen. Our experienced teacher guide with inclusive details helping each participants to get the most benefit of the practice. Bali online yoga classes can be access everywhere to provide calmness and comfort to your body and mind.

Duration : 75 Minutes

Location : Inclusive on Zoom Meeting


Friday 16.30 - 17.45 Ron
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  • We provide link to access inclusive online yoga class for those who have reserve online yoga
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Please inform our teachers if you have recent injuries. Prepare your yoga space before the class started. Please drink enough water and have enough sleep to induce the benefit of yoga online to your body

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