Yoga Private Class In Bali

Yoga Private Class In Bali

About Yoga Private Class In Bali

We are ready to take you to the experience of private yoga classes. Please let us know when you need to arrange group yoga from 5 to 10 or even in the bigger scale. Our team has the experience of arranging events, entertainments and holidays.

Our personal yoga trainer has come from many different background to guide you through the ultimate experience of yoga in physical and even emotional release. Our private yoga lesson come in many specification yoga, meditation and healing classes. Most of our private yoga instructor are Local teachers, which will give you the understanding of the true heart from the land of gods. We may assure this journey is the best private yoga in Bali.

We start to practice yoga because we sense that there is something that is needed to be changed. Whether it is the body shape or the state of mind. We recognize that we don’t feel comfort the current state and we want to change this condition.

Therefore, starting a yoga practice can be intense and overwhelming. Parts of the body and the mind are not fit together and sometimes conflicting to each other, creating even deeper confusion. 

In another side, practicing yoga can be easy, fun and comfortable. A yoga class can be designed to meet our need. For example to obtain certain state of relaxation or therapy; or even to improve a certain asana or correcting the posture. This way private class will be a perfect choice for us. Especially if we already know what we want to work on.

We offer private classes with many different approach. Yin private classes can be designed to work on correcting certain alignment of the posture and induce relaxation. Hatha/ Vinyasa/ Ashtanga private classes can be designed for upgrade stamina and boost immune system and help with body circulation. Anti gravity private class can be designed for aligning and correcting the spine and for therapy. Many private classes can be made based on your certain needs.

Duration : 90 Minutes

Experience :

  • Experience in depth knowledge on how to approach your yoga practice based on your conditions
  • Increase body circulation and restore oxygen
  • Help balance body system: digestive, respiratory, immune, Etc.
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Overcome health problems
  • Developing personal plan for yoga practice
  • Flexible timing for your schedule
  • Individual guidance
  • 60 to 90 minutes yoga practice
  • Meditation session
  • Breathing / pranayama session
  • Asana or posture exploration
  • Relaxation and healing
  • Classes will depend on your request. We can provide in depth explanation for al level of practitioners
  • Transport fee
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga props: block, bolster, towel, etc.
Private yoga class can be performed at our shala or at your private villa. Private class can be arranged for 2 up to maximum 10 people. When the participants are more than 10 people, we will need 2 teachers to maintain the quality of the class. The private class can be designed as your requests to meet your need / goal. *Make sure to book your private 48 hours in advance in order to confirm teachers availability.
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