Beginner Yoga Online Class

Bring Bali breeze to your home. Now available beginner onlien yoga class! Feel comfort in your body and release your stress

12 Jul 2020

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Yoga practice gives us chances to experience many different meaning of yoga. In our practice we concentrate on the body, the breath and the mind


Umah Shakti

Umah” in Balinese means home for a family to gather and care for each other companion. “Shakti” in yoga philosophy refers to the energy that always move; the energy the create changes. Within this understanding, we hope that we may provide a home for yogis to make changes in their life through the practice of yoga.

Our Story

Embrace the beauty to serve others. Our mission is to create a space for everyone to start their yoga journey through asana, meditation and self-healing; also introduce the beauty of Balinese tradition and philosophy of life.

The price of practicing yoga at Umah Shakti will fascinate you. Our home surrounded by lush garden and beautiful energy.

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Relaxing Your Mind with Umah Shakti Yoga

We are yoga in Sanur that embrace the beauty of service to others within yoga practice and healing. Umah Shakti Yoga creates space for self-growth and human evolution by sharing precious wisdom and knowledge through the experience of physical, mental and spiritual practice.

One Minute With Us

One Minute With Us

Freedom is a basic need for all human being to reach out their maximum capacity. This philosophy of life we take in all of our action and thoughts through supports, courage and creativity.