Yoga is far from simply being physical exercise. Rather it is an aid to establish new life which embrace inner and outer reality.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Our Story

There is nothing that is not yoga. All phenomena that we experience in our life is yoga. Being born in this human being is yoga. All of our thoughts, action and speech is yoga. Yoga is in everything. This understanding brings a realization that the goal of yoga is much higher beyond physical reality. Thus, the goal of exploration in our yoga practice is not only about physical body, but also to elevate the mental body and the mind.

Our teaching comes from universal background. We drove knowledge from the teaching of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti of Ananda Marga, some of our teachers also practitioner of Ashtanga yoga of Patabhi Jois, some other also practice Shiwa Buddha understanding of yoga. All knowledge and experience of practicing and teaching gives many variation approach to understanding which sort of yoga that may suit to your conditions.

We understand that our biggest struggle in practicing yoga comes from the battle that we have with our ego. This battle is our gate to enlightenment. However, the next question is how can we overcome this battle? And the answer to this question can only be found throughout of own self practice in yoga.