Basic Meditation, Dhamma & Balinese Spirituality

Basic Meditation, Dhamma & Balinese Spirituality

1 Day

28 September 2019

Max 10 Persons

About Basic Meditation, Dhamma & Balinese Spirituality

Why is it difficult for us to start meditation? And what is the truth of meditation? We can never start meditation without first experiencing the practice of meditation. Meditation cannot be understood only by reading concept or talks, it must be experienced.

We open meditation class in Sanur on this day for the purpose to open up the maximum capacity of our mind. The program including the concept and understanding of what is meditation, why we meditate and what is the benefit of meditation. We will experience and practice meditation with guidance from the experienced ones.

In this program we will also learn about Balinese Spirituality and understand the way of life in the land of gods. Within this we hope that we may be able to take as much knowledge and wisdom to apply in our life and become the best version of ourselves.

Duration : 1 day

Location : At Our Shala

Purpose :

  • Open up the maximum capacity of our mind
  • practice meditation with guidance
  • Delicious homemade lunch and beverage
  • Yoga mat to be used at the shala
  • Yoga props (yoga blocks, bolster and straps) to be used at the shala
  • Face towel to be used when practice
  • Locker
  • Shower room
  • Free flow water
  • Accommodation
  • Transport and pick up
  • Food & beverage outside the shala

This practice of meditation in Sanur is opened for everyone, including those who has never practiced meditation or first-timer. In this class you will be learning the understanding of purpose of meditation, benefit and experience the practice of meditation.

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Day 1

  • 11.00 - 17.00 Meditation and Dhamma