Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow

About Hatha Flow

Hatha means forceful in Sanskrit language, the ancient Indian language that is used to most yoga’s terminology. Some other description also state that “hatha” comes from two words “ha” and “tha” which means the sun and the moon as two phenomena moving in union balance.

Both Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow is a practice to synchronize the breath with the movements. It is a classical hatha class that flows from one postures to another postures starting with standing positions, standing balance, seated position, prone and supine positions with some pauses for added instruction and perhaps teacher’s demonstration.

This dynamic class allows us to enter the gate of our inner strength which requires bodily awareness, flexibility, balance and control. The goal of Hatha Flow is to reach the synchronization between the breathing and the movements. We are training to recognize the quality of our breath, thus we will understand the quality of our mind and action in our movements.

Duration : 90 Minutes

Location : At Our Shala


Friday 08.30 - 10.00 Umah Shakti Team
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  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Block
  • Fresh Water
  • Locker
  • Shower Room
  • Healthy juice. Additional IDR 20.000 for a glass of fruits and veggies juices (flavors option available at registration desk)

This class is for all level yogis. However, please inform the teacher if you have never done yoga before. First timer must be mindful and have full awareness at all time. Try not to think of the things outside the yoga mat while in the yoga class!

There is nothing to be afraid for trying something new in life. And remember, there is always the first time is every experience when we want to evolve and reach out the better version of ourselves.

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