Mindful Vinyasa

Mindful Vinyasa

About Mindful Vinyasa

Vinyasa is, I believe, one of the richest concept to emerge form of yoga for the successful conduct of our action and relationship in life.” ~ said Desikachar, son of Krisnamacharya. 

“Vinyasa” also described meaning as “keep moving” in Sanskrit words. This approach of vinyasa practice can become the central to transformative process of our self-development. As the concept of vinyasa can be applied in all aspect of life in our yoga journey.

Mindful Vinyasa practice described as a soft-flow within the breathing and movements. Each transition of the poses are being performed mindfully and slowly, following the slow-deep-breathing throughout the practice. During a slow-pace-transition yogis may have the opportunity to build up complementary, step-by-step practice base on the understanding of the body needs. Thus, we may deepen our connection to our body entirely.

A safe practice is a mindful practice which requires constant momentarily awareness. And this is when get one step further to our yoga practice through ‘satya’ which means truthfulness and ‘ahimsa’ practice of non-harmful, fully embodied and joyful. 

Duration : 90 Minutes

Location : At Our Shala


Thursday 18.00 - 19.30 Tjok Mirah
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  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Block
  • Locker
  • Fresh Water
  • Shower Room
  • Healthy juice. Additional IDR 20.000 for a glass of fruits and veggies juices (flavors option available at registration desk)

First step of Mindful Vinyasa practice is to build up the awareness to our breathing. In this case, we are training our mind to recognize our breath and knowing the pace and quality of our breath. When we are able to breath slow and soft without following by the uncomfortable feeling or distraction in the mind, at this moment we enter our next level of recognition and awareness of the mind.

Build up the sense of relaxation without any pressure is very important during this practice. When we are moving slow, but recognizing a lot of distraction in the mind, it means that we are not surrendering our body and mind to the present moment.

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