Online Yoga Beginner

Online Yoga Beginner

About Online Yoga Beginner

It is time to start practice yoga online! Online yoga for beginner broadcasting from Bali, the Island of Gods. While practice to synchronize breath and slow movements, online beginner yoga provide time for the mind to rest and induce relaxation. Online yoga for beginner introduce the new way of life, understanding the way to live in balance. At the same time, yoga online for beginner provide the way to slow down in between busy lifestyle.

Take a step to enter the new perspective of life with online yoga class from Bali. During the online yoga session you will feel the energy from the island of gods, transferring strength and openness to yourself. Beginner online yoga class is now available from Bali.

Duration : 90 Minutes

Location : inclusive on Zoom Meeting


Sunday 16.30 - 18.00 Via Wijaya
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  • We provide link to access inclusive online yoga class for those who have reserve online yoga
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Please inform our teachers if you have recent injuries. Prepare your yoga space before the class started. Please drink enough water and have enough sleep to induce the benefit of yoga online to your body.

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