Yin Yoga All Level

Yin Yoga All Level

About Yin Yoga All Level

Yin Yoga All Level is a slow-paced style yoga class with postures that are being held for longer period of time. For beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to three minutes and more advanced yogis may stay in one pose for five up to seven minutes.

Yin Yoga All Level apply stress release for the connective tissues, including tendon, fascia and ligaments with the aim to increase circulation of the joints and improving physical and mental flexibility. Yin yoga also known as the more meditative approach of asana yoga. This practice aims at cultivating awareness of the inner silence and bringing to light a universal-interconnecting quality of the mind.

The practice of holding yoga postures for extended periods of time has been a significant part of traditional practice both in Hatha yoga tradition of India and Taoist yoga tradition of great China. The knowledge of Yin yoga combine the understanding of physical material (our body) and the meridian line. Each of the asana are being designed aiming certain targeted area, giving stimulation to specific meridian line for the body create reaction that finally re-balance the un-balanced system.

The most challenging part in practicing Yin yoga is the part where we must work with our mind. While holding the pose, we do not make movements. And while not making movements, mostly the mind become more active. And this might become the greatest challenge to all modern yogis. 

Duration : 90 Minutes

Location : At Our Shala


Wednesday 18.00 - 19.30 Tjok Mirah
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  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga block
  • Face Towel
  • Fresh Water
  • Locker
  • Shower Room
  • Yoga Strips (based on teacher's requirement)
  • Wooden balls for Trigger Point practice (based of teacher's requirement)
  • Healthy juice. Additional IDR 20.000 for a glass of fruits and veggies juices (flavors option available at registration desk)

Some yogis assume that yin yoga is an advanced yoga practice, and some other yogis do not want to even to try yin yoga just because they know that they cannot stop the busy mind. Please remember that they exploration of yoga practice must be balance between “yin and yang” practice. Yin practice is the practice that has been described in this section, which is working with the air element. While yang practice are practices that creates fire elements, such as vinyasa, hatha, power yoga, aerial yoga and so on. 

If you have 3 days of practicing yoga, better to 2 days of yang practice and 1 day of yin practice to create balance in the body and the mind. Rather than doing all yin practice or all yang practice. Our Yin Yoga All Level class is opened for all level yogis, even for those who has never practiced yoga before. Our teacher will certainly help you with the approach based on your body capacity.

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